THIS IS ME Music Video Project

Would you be brave enough to respond to a flyer asking for persons to come into a professional recording studio and sing for this song? The 15 people in these videos took that risk, and this is the resulting (1) interview video and (2) music video.

Nate created these video as part of his work with the Carleton Phoenix Project. He placed posters around campus calling for students, faculty and staff to sign up to come into the college’s Audio Recording Studio and sing lead vocals (and some backup vocals) for a cover version of the song ‘This Is Me’ from the movie The Greatest Showman. He then created a music video (similar to the style of the We Are The World music videos) by cutting together the voices (and faces) of the 15 courageous souls that volunteered. The goal was to help participants (and ultimately those that view the music video) to have a corrective emotional experience of stepping out of shame and feeling a sense of bravery and belonging as they connect with the powerful message of this song while sharing their singing voices. We also completed a short video of the interviews we conducted with each person as they came into the recording studio. Participants shared the reasons why they decided to sign up for this project and also disclosed their authentic experience with following through and coming into the recording studio to sing.

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Four Stages of BURNOUT

Burnout is a real problem for many college students. This video will introduce you to a Four Stage Model of Burnout. You will learn what stage you are in and how to prevent yourself from continuing to burnout.

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